was set up in 1999 by Sean Blowers and Joy Mellins to develop and produce new and exciting quality work for the film, television and expanding multi media industry and to encourage writing talent with the introduction of Story Lab.  Within the first six months have established a varied portfolio.

Sean Blowers

As an actor Sean has over twenty years experience in the theatre, film and television industries; working on productions across the board, including London Weekend Television's long running drama ‘London’s Burning’.  A keen sportsman, Sean was part of the Commercial Union crew, competing in the 1996/97 ‘BT Global Challenge’ round the World Yacht race.  

Sean has written for several national publications, as well as presenting and reporting for sports shows in both terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.  

Through a wealth of PR and marketing experience Sean is encouraging creative talent and developing fresh ideas.

Joy Mellins

Coming from a writing background Joy has written for numerous national and specialist newspapers and magazines, whilst also working as an editor for books to cassette.  She is also a published author where three of her children’s books were accepted onto the national curriculum reading list. 

Joy's experience in television and radio includes writing for ‘The Bill’ and BBC Radio 4’s 'Week Ending' program.  She also tours schools and colleges teaching and organising creative writing workshops.  

Joy is an active member of 'Women in Film and Television' and currently sits on both the workshop and the Executive Committees where she produces informative events and is keen to stimulate new work.

Recent Production
Short Film: Writer/Director - Eric Deacon, DOP - Jasper Fforde, Music - Marina Ogilvy and Emily Burridge

In Development
Feature Film: Award Winning Writers - Kirsten Sheridan and Audrey O’Reilley
Feature Film: Written by Clive King
Feature Film: Written and Directed by Eric Deacon
Feature Film: Written by Sanjeev Bhaskar and directed by David Caffrey
Drama: Written by Michael Mueller
Drama: Written Eric Deacon and Richard Standeven
Comedy: Written by Eric Deacon

Story Lab
Set up to encourage and promote new work, Story Lab provides the forum for writers, actors, and directors etc. to develop and test new screenplays in all their facets.  The atmosphere is informal and focused with an emphasis on fun.
Once the project is rehearsed an open reading and discussion is held for an invited audience from within the industry.  The ultimate aim of Story Lab is to develop work to a commission standard.
Recently showcased at BAFTA - The Lodge - cast includes; Gary Olsen, Rob Duncan and Caroline Langrishe with Director Paul Marcus.