(running time 12’ 30 sec.)

Annette Lynton-Mason
Anne Stallybrass
John Henshaw

... BIG

A black comic fable about love and grief and how the two things often go hand in hand.

A mysterious young woman arrives at a guesthouse, with only a plastic bag for luggage and a bandage on her wrist.  Her constant phone calls hide a dark truth, as does the plastic bag, containing a wedding dress.  Who is she calling and why do they never answer?

has been independently financed and is the debut film of Producers Joy Mellins and Sean Blowers, known collectively as "It was a fantastic experience and very steep learning curve for us both - we were ‘hands on’ during every step of the process".

Written and directed by Eric Deacon, was shot entirely on location in Richmond Upon Thames.  The team certainly had their hands full, as the script required an aerial platform, camera cranes and the use of subtle digital effects.  These were created at Animops and then transferred back to film via a Domino machine at Quantel.

Jasper Fforde (whose focus puller credits include Entrapment, The Mask of Zorro, The Saint and Goldeneye) is rapidly making a name for himself as a director of photography, shot the film on Fuji’s latest F250 and F500 Stock, with truly amazing results.  Original music has been provided by Marina Ogilvy and Emily Burridge on Freddie Mercury’s piano and was recorded at Brian May’s, Allerton Hill Studios.  David Hitchcock’s production design is outstanding considering his budget and the whole thing has been skilfully pieced together by up and coming editor by Joe Walker (‘The Lakes’– BBC TV).

With backgrounds in writing and acting, producers Joy and Sean found themselves on a massive learning curve by adopting a very hands on approach at every level.  The secret of their success was to involve everyone in the film making process, as early as possible.  "It’s all about teamwork (as Sean discovered when he sailed round the world in the 96-97 BT Global Challenge) preparation is the key and we are indebted to the likes of Panavision, Lee Lighting, Fuji and Quantel for their support".

So far the film has been submitted to BAFTA and shortlisted for the First Film Foundation’s New Directions scheme, under the producer / director / cinematographer category.  The team also intends to enter the Cannes Film Festival in May and have arranged a screening lunch aboard the Quantel / Panavision / Fuji yacht.

are currently working a number of film projects, including The Maharajah of Ballynahinch - Writer, Sanjeev Bhasker ( Goodness Gracious Me, BBC TV ). Director, David Caffrey ( Divorcing Jack, Shinys Head).