Making words come to Life

A brand new venture from

Sean Blowers & Joy Mellins

Independent production company
has created a brand new talent development programme for the film and television industry.

Open to writers, actors and directors - talent on both sides of the camera, Story Lab, run by industry professionals is designed to develop new work, nurture fresh talent and build an understanding between the disciplines.

According to most writers, even when its going well, script writing can be a lonely and frustrating process.  Ideas are often unco-operative and sometimes downright unruly.  Authors are often reduced to sitting in a room on their own, making up voices for each character.

For the script to come to life, they need to see and feel the characters they have created.  They need to hear for themselves, which need further revision.  They need to know whether a scene works as well visually, as it did in the mind's eye.

Story Lab is crafted to meet the individual requirements of each script.

Informal, constructive and fun in nature, Story Lab allows the writer to experiment in a controlled and creative environment.

With the active participation of the writer and in conjunction with a director, the script is cast from a pool of committed actors. This allows the writer to develop ideas and take risks with the casting, without relinquishing control of their work.

The actors are encouraged to improvise and bring their own colour and shape to their characters, allowing the writer to step back from the script and take in the story as a whole.

The script is broken down, rehearsed and discussed in a closed environment.  Subsequently, a reading is staged for an invited, professional audience and is followed by an open discussion on the merits and weakness' of the piece.  Are the characters suitably motivated?  Does the plot have a substance?  Was every scene necessary?  Are the characters believable and will an audience care what happens to them?

The work is also scrutinised for its technical and practical merits.  Locations, size of cast, special effects, is the idea a commercially viable proposition? and so on.