(Short Film)

is a black comic fable about love and grief
and how the two things often go hand in hand.


Eileen (Anne Stallybrass) and her 40 year old son Mick, (John Henshaw) run a tatty hotel in West London. Naturally inquisitive, they are intrigued when an educated young woman, (Annette Lynton-Mason) with apparently no luggage but a plastic bag, rents a room overlooking the river.

The woman is polite but distant; explaining that she is recovering from an accident.  However, the truth is much darker; as her continuos phone calls eventually reveal.

Who is the lover she continually calls and why does he never answer ?  What is significance of the block of flats opposite and the wedding dress in the plastic bag ?  Why are there bloody bandages blocking the lavatory ?  Mick is as keen as we are to find the answers.....



When the lavatory attendant at Cape Canaveral was asked, "what is your job"?  He replied, I'm helping to put a man on the moon".

For any film to be a success it is essential for all those involved in the production to buy into it from day one.  Putting together the right team of people and making sure that they have a clear vision of what is required.

In order for us to acknowledge that everyone’s contribution was equally valued, the cast and crew were each paid £100 per filming day.  This approach not only provided a good working environment but also led to a level of commitment that is ultimately reflected in the end product.

Wherever possible we have tried to attach trainees to every department, whilst encouraging existing talent to take their next step up the career ladder.

has been independently financed through an EIS, tax incentive proposal.